Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Only so many hours in a day...

I would love to have the time and patience to blog...I mean really blog, like real bloggers do. Bloggers that take beautiful photos of their children doing lovely things like planting bulbs, or making pancakes...then blog about them. Or bloggers that take the time to knit a beautiful pair of slippers for themselves - or better, for someone else - and document their progress with exquisite photographs for us all to admire... But I'm not one of those bloggers, and from where I'm standing right now (amidst a stack of unknit orders to attend, 7 children needing snacks/homework help/naps/baths/band-aids, a big box of my books to sign and send - FORGET the knee-deep laundry, and all-around controlled chaos a household of 9 sans nanny certainly is) - there just isn't ever going to be a time when I'm one of those bloggers. *Sigh.* But, chin up! Blog or no blog - I'm having a great time doing what I'm doing and will just keep posting things when I can!


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