Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! Cocoon & Hat Set

Time for another peek at an upcoming pattern from my book. Celebrate the season and the arrival of your little one with this merry Ho Ho Ho! cocoon. This simple shape is adorned with a fluffy yarn around the border and a ribbed stitch bodice that frame the festive embroidered motifs. Perfect as a wintry welcome for a new baby. If you'd like to purchase this for your tiny new elf, visit trickyknits.com.



Connie Bontje said...

Just preordered your book through Amazon! I adore your designs and my daughter is getting into infant photography so the book will be a treaure!
Shucks though, looks like shipping won't be till late April or May, and I was hoping to knit some of them up on a trip in late March. Any thoughts on if the date may be sooner...

Ashleys Under the Stars said...

I am not very good at following patterns, I seem to always go off onto my own thing. But your book looks beautiful and your work had been a great inspiration as well as the success of your shop! I will definitely be purchasing your book come March!

Wishing you the best with its release!

Also as Connie said if you know a way I can get my hands on it sooner then Amazon is making it available for shipping please let me know!