Saturday, November 6, 2010

Party on Your Head!

Well, since I have a book coming out, I guess that means I'm supposed to start spreading the word - slowly building my own little merry band of followers who will hang on my every breath. (Right). I'm not one for evangelism, but heck - if I had to pick one thing to stir up a crowd about, why the heck not my knitting book? So, to my tiny (make that "teeeeeny") list of hearty followers who have been visiting this dry well for months, it's showtime! I'll be posting very frequently (OK, maybe not every day - I do have 7 young children pawing at me), but...frequently. Like tomorrow for sure.

Gotta go knit and list my new stuff on my Etsy shop!

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Ashleys Under the Stars said...

Well, if you only have a "teeny" amount of followers, maybe you will be pleased to know you are actually the first blog I followed, and out of the few 4 blogs I follow now, you are certainly one of them! <3 I love your work. Its so wonderful and unique! I look forward to the release of your book!